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Luxembourg Gardens, Paris, France, 2015

Luxembourg Gardens, Paris, France, 2015

My name is Dylan Smith, a graphic designer, writer, and photographer living in Brooklyn, New York. I am the lead designer for a company called Think Olio, a columnist for Charlatan Magazine, and take 35mm photographs of the city. 

I also design and edit an academic journal called OlioNote. The journal publishes interviews and conversations with Think Olio professors and the second issue of the journal was sponsored by Penguin Press.

This web place will function as a blog/gallery for my designs, writings, and photographs. This is a level of vanity and personal branding that still makes me extremely uncomfortable. So, if you have any interest in my perspective, please check in every once in awhile (if only to help in maintaining my sanity and sense of self-worth).  Thanks for reading this far, it's impressive and nice.


All photographs on this site were taken by Dylan Smith